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released April 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Intercranial Tremors Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Engineering the Chain of Decay
Blood slides costively over ice cold stone
with a cognisance of - its - own
searching for another exit through the crevasse is glides
with great gravity, tears of days before, stain the floor
where life's failings landed damaged souls into dangers way

The scent of iron and grime amalgamate
with the fetid stench of piss and excrement
cries and moans echo within these walls for this
for this where I work

A discovery made long ago has kept me from infirmity
I've lived far beyond the epoch that is granted to a being of flesh
The indelicate process of corpus delicti dis-po-sal
had fallen between the cracks after days of fervent play

My first true friend was so pure, honest and beautiful
Through the throes of decomposition that before our embrace
had ceased
all the organs had begun to liquefy, in this moment writhing lustfully
in the corporeal fluids and fleshy mess
I rose from my coition and I did notice
a fresh vigor running through my aching veins
I was returned to a state remembered from a time almost forgot

A revelation to behold

Thirteen lost souls I claim my own, twelve for purpose and one to hold
I slice the first open, alive
With no desire for clemency I slide my blade slowly through the skin and sinewy tissue

Watch as hot steam rises
ethereal in the cold stale air
life trickles and tumbles
into the putrid black filth of the thermae

Four weeks each I allow them to stew and ferment
before bathing in the delicious putrefaction and absorbing its life restoring - nutrients
Alive and empowered as I was when I first made my bond
Eleven starving souls calling for their freedom
Chained to my wall, half immersed in decay
Another one opened, another replaced
Chronological, systematic death and decay

I will live forever this way

A life’s lust to outlive the damned
I claim the ephemeral essence of
whomever I please
Track Name: Animus

What I bestow to you after an aeon of strident hammering and dissent

A paroxysm of intense pain
endured to serve
no attainable purpose
I wish upon thine enemy only the most vicious
and violent kismet
in place of once misdirected well wishes
And dreams of hope
I bring Rage

I'll serve my time now experimenting with the matriarch of the flame,
delving deeper into the darkest places searching for the one you cast blame.
Offering up my own wounded anima
in exchange for a
single sacred moment
to revel in the odious glory of
severe retribution...

Hatred... is my daily bread,
your blood will be my wine,
burning from the inside out
I live
to embrace the demons touch.

My skin blackens and burns
from the inside and I deny such morality,
that I would suppurate in the pain
of beloved and betrothed just to see the desperation
in your eyes

I have no mercy for the craven
just my libidinous knife,
it wants for you so dearly but I do not wish to end your life.
My inspirited nature drives me to see how much you can take,
I'll keep pushing forward, my ambitions have not yet taken face

I live and lust to steal from you
what you covet most
to see your kingdom built and burned,
to see flesh of your own
torn, broken, bled and beaten,
lacerated, battered, bruised
brutalised to within an inch of their

Your pain will be never ending
your suf-ffering

This abhorrent conviction
I bestow on you
Will last throughout the aeons
A vengeance that like you
will burn
Track Name: Despondent Chorus of the End
A perpetual cold rolls across the plains of humankind
Icy cold winds of uncertain devastation
Boreal whispers cutting through the sacred shrouds with swift intent to obliterate this

A discombobulated assemblage of mortal beings failing under the weight of disenchanted carnality,
ceaselessly tearing at the spindly strings of their own morality
Harrowed to great extent and perplexed by corruption and depravity
standing reflective in intense pain and pious denial

A glance at the true reflection reveals
how orthodox is this paradox
In visions of splintered glass we see

With eyes nailed wide open
It's easier to see this wretched world
for what it is

Open up the time-
in slices of physical matter
Dissecting the visions
Of a life now past and a future that is
fading so fast
Lacerated- into what you believe you see
Fading swiftly in a Banal unreality...

We've come so far and now we're screaming for the end
As the walls fall down around us realise we've nothing left

A hollow tocsin sound echoes deep through the bones of the remaining denizens
The sullen howl of bereavement pounds the sky as the last voices of humanity fade in unison bringing perfect calm

We welcome the end of all life
We beg the skies to release the wrath of the ages
The journey has always been in attaining ultimate uncreation
Screaming a disconsolate opus of the end

Existing in terror
Tearing down our own palisades
Unfulfilled in existence
Seething self-ruination
Track Name: Crown of Creation
It’s a never - ending quest - to satisfy my inquisitive nature
The subject of obsession, dissection, anatomic reconstruction

The body is created to be recreated
And curiosity unveils the darkest secrets of life
Seeds I the paradox, life and death, reassimilation of an experience
Know the truth is worse than you want it to be
More than you ever hoped for
Enjoy the suffering, now you question your self
Whats really lying inside, a soul or simply meat?

What truly lies beneath the cold mask of morality?
I just want to see what lies inside of your body
Cut the skin, peel the slit, see exactly how it fits
Feel where the muscle holds to the bone

Organs are interlocking into a perfect package
All the pieces of the puzzle I will neatly remove
The gooey, gristly innards, so complex yet so simple
Touch the chest from the inside, a little deeper hides the spine
Now completely disassembled, the power of creation
lies in putting the puzzle back together again
pale and white though crudely sewn this person is my very own

Splitting in half the sternum, scrape out the innards, consume the heart
replace with an assortment of parts I have gathered in my wicked past
which parts will I keep, which parts do I need to assemble my own perfect being
now all I need, a nice fresh skin to complete this body
slide the skin over the torso it sits so beautifully
so comfortably it settles almost like it has always been

This creature ive constructed, with parts from this and others
from disseminated disarray a whole nother person is made
Gathered and reconnected, this creature life infected
it needs no heart to function, as it sings a life tearing serenade
now completely reassembled the power of creation
lies in tearing all other life from grace
pale and white though crudely sewn this person is my very own
I am the king now I usurp the throne, My reign of terror and gore
has just begun
With my legion of pure beings, I will wipe clean the face of the earth
I live for the torture, the exploration, thrilled at the suffering of the flesh, your flesh x2

It’s a never - ending quest - to satisfy my inquisitive nature
The subject of obsession, dissection, anatomic reconstruction
Track Name: Lord of the F(lies)
I am keeping you alive to honour you
this pound of flesh
I feel that you have earned for
your most recent indiscretions
I provide you something not esculent
as perhaps you'd like
but nourishment for your paling chassis is what I desire

I slice your skin, bathe you in shit
infection takes hold

As the flesh does pulse and rot,
Muscle matter greys and dissolves,
Excrement and rotten flesh
will be your refection tonight

choking down weeping necrotic meat
You deserve this final regal feast

I'll make you eat your words
make you eat your fucking tongue
make you learn that you must keep your word
you will dream of death before I am done
The rancid portions of protein
should sustain you for as long as I need
I'll not let you miss a single fuckin moment
until Im satisfied that you have paid your toll
your toll

Your paltry deception, incited ardour's hateful wrath
I want to revel in your failing moments
as infection brings scavengers of decay
The flies descend

The pest - that we abhor, The words – we - cannot trust,
Lay their eggs inside you, burrowed – deep - in your gut

can you feel them writhing? A legion crawls under the fragile skin
infecting both mind and body, Countless hungry propagations
voracious carnal kingdom, castigating your very tissue
Life trapped in - a deathly body
Still breathing
as you decay

I wipe your bleeding - brow
Carve in you - a crown
You are so full of yourself
Your innards distend out
A million maggots worship
The man who would be their king
Feed to death off shit and flies you regret most everything

You... are... The...
Lord of the f(lies)